August 30, 2022

Seaboard Marine wishes to advise our valued customers of the following receiving and handling charges in Houston, Texas, effective October 1, 2022:

  • Gulf Terminal Receiving
  • Special Handling Charge for Coated Pipe Sb/Nb
  • Carrier Loaded Charges

The increase, applicable to all tariff and service contracts, is as follows:

Gulf Terminal Receiving

A Gulf terminal receiving charge will apply on all cargoes moving via the Port of Houston as follows:

Charges apply on all shipments moving southbound (exports from the U.S.) and northbound (imports to the U.S.)

Note: The Port of Houston Authority tariff n0.8 per subrule no.051 increased the port security for breakbulk cargo to $0.2019 per short ton. In lieu of adding a new port security fee, this charge has been incorporated into carriers gulf receiving charge herein.

General Cargo Southbound/Northbound:

1-39,999 Lbs $12.39 Per 2000 Lbs Per Piece

40,000 – 99,999 Lbs $19.10 Per 2000Lbs Per Piece

Over 100,000 Lbs $26.33 Per 2000Lbs Per Piece

Minimum General Cargo: $109.45 Per Dock Receipt

Pipe Sb/Nb
$10.58 Per 2000Lbs
Minimum Pipe: $109.45 Per Dock Receipt

Coated Pipe Sb/Nb
$19.88 Per Metric Ton
Minimum Pipe: $109.45 Per Dock Receipt

Ro/Ro (Self Propelled) Sb/Nb

$8.00 Per 2000 Lbs

Minimum Ro/Ro: $58 Per Unit

$433.65-Rail Car Unloading

$464.63 Crane Charge Per Hour or Fraction Thereof.

Exception #1: Vehicles not exceeding 925 cubic feet from Houston to Belize $115.64 per vehicle.


Special Handling Charge for Coated Pipe Sb/Nb

A special handling charge for coated pipe will apply moving out of the Gulf Ports.

The increase, applicable to all tariff and service contracts, is as follows:

$39.49 W/M

Carrier Loaded Charges 


Houston Jacintoport Terminal:

Mechanical Loaded:

20′ Equipment $340.73

40X’/45’ Equipment – $516.25

Hand Loaded

20’’ Equipment – $552.39

40′ Or 45; Equipment – $593.69

All hand-loaded transfers are by scheduled appointment only. Cancellation of the scheduled appointment must be made at least 24 hours prior to the appointment time otherwise, charges will apply.

Top Off:

  1. 20′ / 40′ – $16 W/M Subject to the following :


  1. 20′ – $275

Ii. 40′ – $375

Iii. 45’ – $400


  1. Paper in rolls loaded at Houston Jacintoport Terminal – A charge of $297.17 per container will apply, including terminal receiving charges.
  2. Open top Houston – $758.89 (per container) Rate includes crane charge.


As always, we thank you for your continued support.

Please note that all changes that do require a legal 30-day notice are correctly filed and announced in the respective Public Tariff. This advisory shows some of these changes as a courtesy to our valued customers. This published notice in no way replaces the application of the Public Tariff.