• To enter the terminal, one must possess a valid TWIC identification card. If you do not possess a TWIC, escorting is available for a $250.00 fee.
  • No passengers, including children, are permitted to enter the terminal with the truck driver.
  • Observe all safety rules and signage. Observe 20 MPH speed limit.
  • Parking on the dock is prohibited. Parking areas are identified on the hill and at the main office.
  • Violence of any kind is prohibited and will warrant dismissal from the facility.
  • Soliciting for donations is prohibited and affects the working environment.
  • Smoking is allowed only in designated areas.
  • Entering the terminal requires a consent to search vehicles and property. If a search is refused it may result in denial of entry into the terminal.
  • Video or photography of any kind is prohibited without prior authorization.
  • Come to a full and complete stop at all intersections.
  • Always stay alert and watch for other vehicles and traffic or pedestrian traffic in the yard.
  • Do not use cell phones, including texting or PDAs, while driving or operating a vehicle or machinery in the terminal.
  • Remain in your truck while making a pick-up from our container areas.
  • Stay with your truck, however, if you MUST leave your truck, you MUST wear a safety vest.
  • All terminal rules are to be strictly followed. Violators of the terminal rules are subject to dismissal and/or denial of access to the terminal.
  • No firearms or weapons are allowed in the terminal.

Our 24-hour Security/Safety Emergency line is: 832-309-7671.