Bags and Bagging

Jacintoport is served through the Port Terminal Railroad Association by the Santa Fe/Burlington Northern and Union Pacific/Southern Pacific railroads. Our trackage can accommodate a total of 150 railcars of various configurations utilizing our in-house switching equipment.

We boast of having the only automated cargo handling system in North America capable of handling import/export cargoes of bagged goods and unitized boxes. Our Spiralveyor conveyor system handles these cargoes virtually damage-free. With our computer-controlled conveyor loading, we are able to minimize the expense of cargo shipments though reduced loading costs and quick vessel turnaround. 

With the high cost of vessels today, quick turnaround, flexible ordering times, excellent production, damage-free loading and the best stowage in the U.S. Gulf, are keys to profitable voyages. We can provide such key.

Jacintoport has 550,000 square feet of ultra-modern, automatic power ventilated, heavily insulated warehouse which virtually eliminates condensation. Further our 30 ft ceiling height warehouse has a dry fire-fighting protection system and adjacent covered rail shed holding 80 railcars for all-weather care unloading. Combined, these features provide our customers the utmost in modern warehousing.